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Sofa Cleaning With Green Products

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Sofa Cleaning With Green Products

Sofa Cleaning With our Green Products

There are two things most people want to do after a hard day at the office, take a long bath and lay on the living-room sofa. In order to completely enjoy the relaxing experience, you have to keep the couch clean. The question is how? There are some easy steps about cleaning as well as some regarding the maintenance. If you want to prolong the useful lifespan if your sofa, you’ll have to invest time and money. Alternatively, you can hire a professional sofa cleaning company.

Proper Upholstery Cleaning

First of all time, starting with doing some research about the fabric, rather it has protective coating or not. Which cleaning products are suitable for usage, which cleaning method is more appropriate, and so on. Next comes the shopping, choosing the right detergent is not as easy as it sounds, unless you’re willing to expose yourself to potentially dangerous chemicals. It is best to seek green products, and remember to always read the label on the back of the bottle.

The cleaning takes time too, no matter which method you choose. Dry or steam cleaning are both effective and have their own unique qualities. Don’t start to search which one is better, just look for a maintenance guide left from the manufacturer. If it doesn’t say, maybe you should call a professional cleaner. You can make your own cleaning solution, which will work just as good as any commercial detergent if your sofa isn’t stained.

Cleaning Solutions For Sofa

In a bucket mix hot water and liquid dishwashing soap, in 4:1 proportion. Stir until foam is formed and get a sponge made from natural fibers or a soft brush. Damp the into the solution and gently scrub a small area and wipe dirty suds away with a clean cotton towel. Repeat if necessary, but be careful not to over wet the sofa. Do the same with the cushions and don’t forget the back of the couch too. You should also clean any wood parts and polish them.

Proper Maintenance

You can make cleaning the sofa easier, if you do a proper maintenance every other day. Vacuum everything, all the curves, pillows, send time for the hard to reach places, it is important. If you neglect this simple procedure, your sofa will accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, providing the right conditions for germ and dust mite development. It is good to hire a professional cleaning company at least twice a year, to ensure the sofa is bacteria free. Here is my personal favorite, offering great services.

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