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Reinventing the retail space in Bulgaria

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The change of the scenery of retail space in Bulgaria is obvious to those who have witnessed what happened in the last decade. Before the hypermarkets stepped with elephant feet on the ground of trade followed by the shopping malls, the majority of street in-built objects were grocery stores, clothing stores, cosmetics and perfumery shops, jewelry stores, bookstores, cafes, etc. And in 2017 there are not so many of that kind on the boulevard. Well, main streets in Sofia like Vitosha and Pirotska maintain their fame as the retail arteries of the capital but there are hundreds of empty space around the city previously being occupied for years and active in a certain area of trade.

And some have made a bold turn and chose to use their retail space in Bulgaria for an entirely different purpose. The bakeries in particular gain in popularity, the bioproducts shops despite being regarded more of a fashion trend pop up from everywhere. A site might not be suitable anymore for a cafeteria or a music shop but it doesn’t mean it has to be abandoned. The tenants or the entrepreneurs just have to reinvent it in an alternative concept and see it in a new light.

Scrolling through the ads you might find hundreds of vacant spots. Most of the room put on for rental has been in use previously but somehow lost its ability to be profitable or the former tenants moved to better places. Reorganizing the retail space in Bulgaria represents a complex process that has to be performed neatly and with the clear idea what goal it follows. It wouldn’t be a surprise or overstatement to say that most of the owners of those vacant places don’t have a clue that an alteration of the property’s purpose and outlook might make it more attractive to the eventual tenants.

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