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Explore on foot or take a cycling tour – Plovdiv has it both

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Sightseeing in some of the largest cities in Europe is inevitably linked with the use of the public transport. The vast distances in London, or Rome, or Madrid make it almost impossible to explore those metropolitan areas by foot without taking a ride on the metro network for at least several stations. You can get away from the use of public transport if you want to tour Plovdiv highlights – the city is much smaller in size (but still the second most populous in Bulgaria), and there is no subway line going on. Most of the must-visit objects are set within an area that makes it possible to explore Plovdiv on foot. Or…

You can make a guided trip on a bike

Cycling is an exciting way of getting to know the destination you have reached. One of the fascinating approaches to tour Plovdiv streets and hills is to ride the bike for three hours. A couple needs to pay a total of 50 Euro for the hire of the bicycles and the guide to lead the way. Even if the city is not enormous in size, the first-time visitor needs such support and hints to avoid the risk of getting lost in the alleys. There are hundreds of possible routes, and your tour guide will draw the roadmap depending on your preferences and capability.

Not everyone, for example, will be prepared enough to cycle uphill to the Youth Hill – the highest in the city. If you are not of Tour de France type of climber, there is still an easier way to get there. If in your cycling tour Plovdiv you are ready to go the longest road, then the route will lead you through the park next to the Rowing Canal northwest of the downtown and a little bit on the outskirts of the city. The shorter trip may include biking in King Simeon’s Garden located right in the heart of the oldest living city in Europe.

Wandering around is wonderful

It must be said that the city still needs substantial improvements to turn into a bike-friendly place the way Amsterdam is. The infrastructure has to be developed to make it lighter for those who tour Plovdiv in the cycling approach, whether during the vacation or as a daily routine. On the other hand, walking around the streets and checking to the most prominent sites in the area on foot stands as a great way to spend the holiday. And indeed, you can have it both ways in Plovdiv.

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