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Go after the mouflon to get Bulgaria hunting best price

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While the country is mostly known as a vast land to go after red deer or wild boar, Bulgaria has plenty of options to offer regarding the variety of species and the terrains for the adventure. Probably one of the best and often underestimated experiences is to go after the mouflon. This animal is not only the ancestor species for most of the domestic sheep but is also famous with the prominent horns making some of the best trophies. And it has to be said that going after the mouflon stands as Bulgaria best hunting price for a variety of reason.

Isn’t it a protected species?

It is but the mouflon is also available for hunting under a specific regulation. Shooting the female animals, for instance, is restricted from 1st of September to 31st of January – after that the chase is prohibited to protect the future offspring. Going after a male game anyway is allowed year-round. The reason why one of Bulgaria hunting best price tags stands for the mouflon – 1000 Euro for a 3-day experience might be due to the stable growth of the recent years. After a period of disease in 2014 the number of this species increases nearly 10 percent every year, and now there are more than 4000 animals in the country. The population is not so small, especially when compared to the land where the European type of mouflon is said to be originating from – Cyprus. There are a little more than 1000 of the wild sheep left on the Mediterranean island. In Bulgaria the species was re-introduced in the 1960s after having been missing from the land for a long time before that – for less than six decades the growth is good enough.

The horns will look great above the fireplace

But aren’t there cheaper areas to shoot mouflon in Europe? Indeed you might find some deals in Poland or the Czech Republic under 1000 Euro but don’t take it for granted. What makes this kind of experience to combine for Bulgaria best hunting price is the chance to get on a trip in the woods of the beautiful mountains. The species is to be found in the Balkan mountain and Rhodopes which are great not only for hunting but for hiking too. And the cost of the trophy starts from 500 Euro for horns under 50 cm and can reach over 2500 Euro if the prize is outstanding in size.

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